Stay at home Europe.

A lot of European countries have started to look at what happened in Italy, and realizing that the coronavirus crisis was handled admirably and carefully. So many countries have closed or plan to close their schools and universities, bars and restaurants,  and asking people to stay safe and quite at home. For now in Sweden they decide to continue to live normally. They leave to the individuals, companies and schools, the decision about what to do.
For now Stockholm looks like a normal city, everybody is around, restaurants end coffe shops are  full of people. This aura of normality seizes in the supermarkets where you can see that a lot of products are gone. The frozen food shop Picard looks like the day after, with no restocking. Needless to say also hand sanitizer has gone out of stock nearly everywhere... 
Swedes are scared like everybody in Europe, yet are still waiting for a government decision to truly contain its spread. Coronavirus is not a Chinese or Italian problem, it is in Europe now, and spreading worldwide. For a big part of the population it will be simply a flu, or less than a flu, but for the elderly and those with underlying complications it can be really dangerous. Some people are missing the point, the mortality rate does not have to be 50% for the problem to be serious. Beds in ICUs are limited, and in Italy for example the need for ventilation and breathing machines risks to exceed the supply. Our doctors will be left with the hard decision of letting some people die, without even trying. 
Another point is the misinformation, and the lack of seriousness that some have in regards to the situation. The idea that governments and people alike are overreacting because it is just a “simple flu.” Better even, that coronavirus doesn’t even exist. 
In these times we truly realize who are the people that we would team up with during the apocalypse. Definitely not these ones. 
In this case, I am proud to be an Italian and of the drastic decisions that were taken. I know it is not easy to stay at home all day, my mom herself is going crazy. However, quarantine is the only way to isolate the problem (+ fines if you violate it). It’s even ridiculous to think that people would go out for a drink in these times. 
Staying at home is the only way, stay at home and really all together we will be able to fight the virus


chicca ha detto…
Hello! Uno dei pochi post intelligenti e giusti letti negli ultimi giorni. Rispecchia esattamente il mio pensiero: com'è possibile che nessuno capisca e agisca tempestivamente prendendo esempio dall'Italia ( e dalla Cina)? L'Europa si dimostra fallimentare dal punto di vista coordinazione: aspettiamo tutti che la curva dei sieropositivi si impenni prima di introdurre misure drastiche. Una follia. Abito in Svizzera ( al confine con l'Italia, quindi praticamente in Lombardia) e anche qui l'azione è troppo lenta e il sistema sanitario, che è uno dei migliori al mondo è vicino al collasso. Probabilmente è perché l'attaccamento alla vita e al vivere predomina in ogni essere umano... del resto anche voi, famiglia colta e informata, siete andati in vacanza in montagna al tempo del coronavirus, quando con il senno di poi, ogni tipo di spostamento sarebbe stato da proscrivere. Stay safe, stay home, take care.
😊 noi siamo partiti perché onestamente all’inizio non sembrava una cosa così grave, il giorno prima della nostra arte sa c’erano pochissimi casi In Italia... certo con il senno di poi..
Stay safe!

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